We love to travel around the world, getting exposure to new stimuli and experiencing diversity;
we like to discover places to stay that are not only comfortable but that also have a touch of magic about them – places where the mind can be at peace, in other words.
And so, we set sail for India, which we criss-crossed from north to south, getting utterly bewitched by its colours, aromas and saints; we climbed the Himalayas to touch the roof of the world; we travelled across the Bolivian desert, with its blinding colours; we made our way through the primordial forests of Costa Rica; we stayed for months in our beloved Mexico, in search of ancient rites; and we paid visits to Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Naples.
In the process, we accumulated ideas, objects and dreams..
Then we returned to Milan, our hometown, with its artisans, its tradition, its incessant desire to create and transform (in this respect, it’s akin to the Indian Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva).

It was here in Milan that we found this house: a place where we would try to bring together tradition, design, craftsmanship, travel and – why not? – something of ourselves.

Fabio e Marco

Four rooms in a late-19th-century building,
a veranda, a large roof garden.